Stripe of yellow, hello

Ewelina nowakowska

Pottstown, PA


Concrete prose is the one-woman photography and mixed media project of Polish artist, poet, and programmer, Ewelina Nowakowska. Born in Gdańsk Poland, and raised in Malmö, Sweden, and Southern California, Nowakowska is a self-taught photographer with a bit of an obsessive attachment to the composite. She started writing poetry early in her childhood to cope with chronic depression, but it was the abstract photographs of concrete, landscapes usually overlooked by others, that helped her truly cope. Concrete, old and new, is ever changing and in no two moments is it the same. Capturing this ephemeral state and telling stories through this man-made material became a fascination and (one could say) a compulsion of hers. She calls herself the concrete muse, indicating her regard and natural attachment to the material. Ewi often wears jewelry made out of a concrete blend. The small fragments remind her that, regardless our circumstances, we remain strong and beautiful.

Nowakowska has a bachelors in Computer Systems and works as a developer in King of Prussia, PA.

Currently, she's working on a book fusing her writing with photos. She captures images with her Canon 6D, she named “Devana,” after the goddess of the hunt.


Instagram: @redsawdust